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The future of dynamic traffic management

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We are deeptraffic

deeptraffic is an innovation-driven, deep-tech spin-off company of CERTH-HIT, providing solutions and technologies that enable dynamic traffic management as a service, focusing on connected and automated vehicles.


Traffic management encompasses complex operations and technologies, that require skilled personnel, field equipment and significant data processing. Until today traffic management systems do not fully exploit automation and intelligence capabilities for their daily tasks, while real-time data remain underutilized. In parallel, vehicles come with ever increasing connectivity and automation capabilities.

Vision & Solution

deeptraffic’s vision is the new traffic management paradigm, which caters for connected and automated vehicles, integrates, and exploits their capabilities in operational traffic management and supports traffic management as a service. deeptraffic aims to act as a catalyst by providing an integrated solution to achieve smart and dynamic traffic management.


We utilize emerging C-ITS technologies and machine learning to achieve holistic traffic management.


We exploit multi-source data and address connected vehicles, bridging traffic management and information services provision.

Business model

We address multi-actor perspectives and support the new Traffic Management as a Service paradigm.

deeptraffic 101 - Our software suite

deeptraffic’s solution for the dynamic traffic management of connected and automated vehicles exploits today’s increased vehicles connectivity technologies, to increase the effectiveness of traffic management strategies. To do so, deeptraffic offers deeptraffic 101, a web-based software-as-a-service solution, which interfaces with existing traffic management centres, as well as with third party data sources, in order to a) maintain a real-time view of the conditions in the road network that the solution is applied, b) activate, monitor and de-activate connected vehicle services for effectively implementing the underlying traffic management strategies’ objectives, c) provide personalized information and guidance services to drivers of connected vehicles, according to the currently set traffic management objectives. deeptraffic’s solution provides a fully automated operations mode, without the need of human operators’ presence or intervention. Thus, it provides practical assistance for dynamic traffic management operational processes (e.g., no need for highly skilled personnel and staffing 24/7, continuous technology integrations etc). deeptraffic 101 utilises all applicable industrial standards for connected vehicles and data exchange, allowing its transferability, scalability and use as a service anywhere.

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Scenario Manager

The Scenario Manager utilizes real-time multi-source data for real-time activation, monitoring and optimization of dynamic traffic management strategies.


The Dashboard provides advanced visualizations of all related operational parameters and key performance indicators.

C-ITS message broker

The C-ITS message broker broadcasts standardized C-ITS messages to connected and automated vehicles over short-range (ETSI G5) and long-range (LTE) communication channels.

Mobile application

The mobile C-ITS application provides real-time information and guidance to drivers through on-board smart devices.

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Our team members

The team of deeptraffic is comprised of highly experienced, globally acknowledged, and skilled individuals, with strong backgrounds in the domains of traffic management and C-ITS.

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Evangelos Mitsakis
PhD Civil Engineering
team member
Georgia Ayfantopoulou
Senior advisor
PhD Civil Engineering
team member
Vasileios Psonis
PhD Nuclear Physics
team member
Areti Kotsi
MSc Transportation Engineering
team member
Thanasis Pachinis
ITS expert
MSc Computer Science
team member
Grigoris Prasinos
Data expert
MSc Computer Science
team member
Vasileios Mizaras
Business Development
MSc Transportation Engineering
team member
Evangelos Bekiaris
Senior advisor
PhD Mechanical Engineering



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  • Thessaloniki, Greece

  • +30 2310498459